L-3 Communications ComCept Division
L-3 Communications ComCept DivisionL-3_Communications_ComCept_DivisionL-3 Communications ComCept DivisionL-3 Communiations ComCept DivisionL-3 Communications ComCept Division
SEI CMMI Level 3ISO 9001 Certified

2006 Cogswell AwardNCW AwardACTD of the Year 2004



L-3 Communications ComCept Division is Changing the Way Warfare is Conducted

L-3 Communications ComCept specializes in systems engineering to include innovative networking, requirements development, modeling, simulation, and communications. Our acumen includes sophisticated networking and coordinated, web-based techniques. We develop advanced wireless Network Centric Warfare concepts that greatly enhance use of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance assets of our nation and its allies.

L-3 ComCept specializes in developing sensor networks between platforms in the domains of sea, air, land, and space. Machine-to-Machine (M2M) cross-cueing and data fusion networks have been field-tested and proven using multiple communications pathways in a multiple level security environment.

Recognition by Government and guardians of industry standards demonstrates our dedication to innovation and use of only the finest tools, standards, and well documented process architectures. L-3 ComCept training is vigilant and maintains the highest levels of ethics, security, diversity, quality, and continuous improvement.

Headquartered in Rockwall, Texas - the “Silicon Prairie” of North Central Texas - our state-of-the-art facilities command a keystone in the blossoming Rockwall Technology Park. We also maintain offices in Stafford Virginia, to ensure support proximity to our customer base.

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