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ISR Networking, Analytics & Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Solutions

L-3 ComCept innovations in ISR networking, such as in-theater data fusion, complex event correlation and data mining, increase the precision and mission relevance of reported information while conserving bandwidth. With daily changes in tactics and techniques, we are constantly evolving capabilities to meet or exceed the complexity of modern targeting, tracking and decision-making needs.

  Multi-Intelligence/Multi-Platform Sensor Networking and Data Fusion
L-3 ComCept’s multi-intelligence/multi-platform sensor networks greatly accelerate the find, fix, track and target portions of the kill chain, including rapid location of short up-time emitters and tracking of fleeting high-value targets within the target window of vulnerability. Our expertise in data modeling with scalable, distributed network configurations allows for rapid integration of new sensors and capabilities into a common network supporting near real-time tasking and machine-to-machine sensor cross-cueing. L-3ComCept’s multi-INT data fusion capabilities, mission planning tools and open architecture messaging frameworks support network-centric operations by providing real-time processing, reporting and visualization capabilities tailorable to each user.

L-3 ComCept’s sensor networks enable multi-platform Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) target geo-location using SIGINT Direction Finding (DF) and synchronous Time Difference of Arrival/Frequency Difference of Arrival (TDOA/FDOA) collection between strategic and tactical systems, along with SIGINT fusion capabilities that process the DF and TDOA/FDOA data. In addition, our sensor networks process detections from multiple radar Moving Target Indicator (MTI) platforms and perform target tracking and SIGINT-to-MTI fusion to provide combat identification for previously unknown tracks. Today our sensor networks operate 24/7/365 across an accredited, global, web-enabled architecture supporting near real-time operations across multiple security environments.

  Big Data Architectures/Integrated Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Analytics/Cloud Computing
L-3 ComCept developed the architecture and cloud analytics for several clients’ PED systems, incorporating multi-INT data fusion, Big Data Architectures, cloud computing and multi-level security management to deliver best-in-class PED systems. Our PED approach also delivers a modular, composable system for distributed multi-modal fusion, allowing distributed fusion capabilities to be reconfigured to adapt to mission needs under the operational constraints of connected, disconnected and intermittent communication links.

L-3 ComCept leverages Big Data Architectures that provide extensibility and scalability, and benefit both real-time and forensic applications. Deployed solutions perform multi-source, multi-INT, multi-domain data ingest, transformation, persistence, retrieval and data analysis. These capabilities employ open, service-oriented standards that offer multiple integration options for analysts and deliver enhanced situational understanding.

Our cloud computing approach incrementally processes multi-INT data to enrich the global data space and produce sets of entities and events that form a global situational understanding. These entities and events are continually processed, enabling data discovery that is most relevant to the operator/analyst (e.g., activity of interest and the entities involved in the activity).

  Multi-Level Security (MLS) Systems
L-3 ComCept has fielded multi-security domain network architectures using COTS/GOTS Cross Domain Solutions (CDS), allowing our customers to share data where appropriate in near real time in addition to offering 24/7/365 network support.