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L3 Technologies
Capabilities Overview

L3 ComCept is focused on four major business areas:

  • ISR Networking Solutions,
  • Big Data Analytics and Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) Solutions,
  • Operational Intelligence Solutions, and
  • Advanced Apertures and Antenna Solutions.

Our ISR Networking, Big Data Analytics and PED Solutions business develops advanced wireless Network-Centric Warfare concepts to enhance the use of ISR assets by creating networked multi-INT, multi-domain and multi-security collaborative systems. Our Operational Intelligence Solutions business provides the right decision-critical information to support near real-time and forensic decision-making through multi-source data prioritization, visualization and dissemination. Our Advanced Apertures and Antenna Solutions business provides load-bearing conformal antenna design, as well as micro and miniature reconfigurable beamformers with true time delay for covert or aerodynamic requirements.

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