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L3 Technologies
Operational Intelligence Solutions
L3 ComCept technologies support and enhance ISR and integrated EW, kinetic and cyber systems planning, operations, and assessment. Our development focuses on providing information to address the needs of the commander, operators and tactical consumers in a time frame that suits their needs for planning, execution, real-time alerts or assessment.
Collaborative, Cross-Discipline/Domain, Multi-Intelligence Architectures and Systems for Intelligence-Driven Operations
L3 ComCept has developed and deployed software to fuse mission-relevant data and information, along with the evolving battlefield situational picture, to determine the type, quantity and quality of data most urgently needed in support of operational situations in a single common operating picture.

Enhanced Resource Planning, Use and Prioritization
L3 ComCept’s web-based situational awareness tools enhance operational workflows, provide situational awareness and understanding, and support data interpretation, assessment and action.

Our analytic technologies support finding, prioritizing, processing and delivering essential items of critical information via processing of the massive amounts of data available, resulting in acceleration of the executive decision-making process through an enhanced situational understanding. Additionally, when a pattern of conditions is detected in an existing focus area, alerts are delivered from predictive analytics. From a user’s perspective, this provides a virtual “tap on the shoulder” as key pieces of information are discovered impacting critical decisions and current operations. This technology dynamically adjusts data delivery based on user priorities to maximize data links.

Network Modeling and Analysis
L3 ComCept’s experience in constructive network modeling enables analysis down to the lowest level to determine network status, project the effects of an action, and optimize active and reactive options impacting the network. Our modeling tools support collaborative planning, monitoring, execution and assessment at multiple sites and across multiple functions across networks.

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