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Advanced Apertures and Antenna Solutions
L3 ComCept technologies support a wide variety of antenna systems, with solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each customer.
Conformal and Low-Profile Antennas
L3 ComCept employs a state-of-the-art approach using Miniature Reconfigurable Beamformer monolithic microwave integrated circuit technology. This technology provides reduced size, weight and power over traditional beamforming solutions and techniques while providing a high-gain, low-noise figure solution with true time delay precision. Our conformal antenna solutions can be designed, built and tested in as little as two weeks while meeting special customer requirements. We have designed custom antennas for land, air and sea vehicles for a variety of customers and applications.

Load-Bearing Arrays
L3 ComCept employs an innovative approach to build conformal and low-profile apertures that can be rapidly designed and built to match the contour of any vehicle or ground station. By utilizing high-strength composite materials, a lightweight core and flexible antenna elements, antenna apertures can be customized to our customers’ radio frequency (RF) and environmental performance requirements. These conformal and low-profile apertures offer several advantages over traditional antennas, such as reduced drag, low observable (LO), simple installation and greatly reduced development time. L3 ComCept also has extensive experience with integrating antenna apertures into existing body panels of a variety of aircraft and provides full airworthiness certification that satisfies all military and FAA requirements.

Each individual antenna is simulated using CST Microwave Studio™ with the entire structure modeled. L3 ComCept’s innovative approach yields consistent, reliable and advanced passive antenna construction that conforms to complex structures external to the host vehicle without contributing additional aerodynamic drag.

Reprogrammable Beamforming
L3 ComCept’s Miniature Reconfigurable Beamformer uses true time delay elements, allowing it to be electronically steerable. Its modular design allows multiple beamformers to electronically control multiple elements of an antenna array to provide multiple, steered, narrow beams. These narrow beams isolate specific signals of interest in cluttered environments, thus mitigating co-channel interference.

Quick-Reaction Specialty Apertures
L3 ComCept has developed an in-house rapid prototyping capability that allows for a much reduced development, test and optimization cycle. This not only reduces the time to build, but also allows for more optimization, resulting in improved performance. In-house environmental testing capabilities also contribute to reduced development and production qualification.

Aperture Testing and Enhancements
L3 ComCept also has state-of-the-art design tools validated with real hardware prototypes, including CST Design Studio® antenna modeling software, PADS® circuit board design software, MATLAB® software, Solidworks® software, and a PC board mill that produces multiple same-day iterations of antenna designs.

L3 ComCept has a design/build capability with two dedicated test ranges that include positioning pedestals, multiple radio frequency (RF) sources, RF absorbing material, network analyzers and RF measurement equipment. L3 ComCept also has two new near-field test ranges that operate from 400 MHz to 50 GHz.

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