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Suppliers are an integral part of L3 ComCept’s business success! Top-performing suppliers play a pivotal role in supporting customer demands. This is accomplished through strong supplier partnerships, business communication transparency and mutual respect. L3 ComCept seeks suppliers that are financially stable for satisfying our customers with unquestionable quality, superb technical products, best-value pricing, and delivering products and services on time, every time.

  • Quality: Compliance to customer requirements and maintaining a quality system

  • Delivery: Meeting or exceeding schedule requirements

  • Cost: Pricing containing reasonable profit margins with minimal total cost

These three key performance indicators, in support of continual improvement efforts, allow L3 ComCept and our suppliers to meet customer challenges.

Suppliers are required to complete a Reps and Certs survey and a QMS questionnaire for qualification. Additional qualification requirements include a Counterfeit Parts Prevention program, Foreign Object Damage/Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention program, and adherence to the L3 Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Conflict Mineral requirements, Terms and Conditions, and purchase order flow downs, as applicable.

Current Supplier Information for doing business with L3 ComCept:

L3 Aerospace Systems Terms and Conditions

Receiving Dock hours:

L3 ComCept receiving hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, with the exception of observed plant holidays. Please contact your buyer for acceptable delivery dates.


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