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Quality First

L3 ComCept expects ‘first time right’ quality on purchased goods and services with on-time delivery per purchase order requirements.

Suppliers are responsible for doing business to the most current contract requirements. Please contact your buyer for questions regarding purchase order requirements.

L3 Aerospace Systems Quality clauses:

Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCAR) requirements:

Suppliers who fail to provide conformed product and/or deliver on time may be issued a SCAR.

  • Suppliers have 30 business days to respond to the SCAR.
  • Suppliers requesting an extension shall submit a request in writing to your buyer and issuing Supplier Quality (SQ) lead within 24 hours of the original due date. You must receive written agreement from your issuing SQ lead with the new date for the extension date to change within our data system. Request does not imply consent.
  • Please complete the SCAR form provided by L3 ComCept in its entirety. Thorough root cause analysis, well-defined containment activity and corrective/preventive action are required for review and approval. Include your root cause analysis tool along with the SCAR for quality evaluation.

First Article Inspection requirements:

L3 ComCept does business to the most current revision of the AS9102 First Article Inspection Requirement (FAI). We recommend using the AS9102 forms associated with the standard to ensure the required first article requirements are captured for submittal and review.

Please contact your SQ lead and buyer with questions you may have regarding the FAI requirements on your purchase order.

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